Frequently Asked Questions

When and how will the summit be held?

The Eurie – Eurasia Higher Education Summit will be held in hybrid format, virtually and in Istanbul between 2-4 March 2022.

Who can attend the summit?

The Eurie – Eurasia Higher Education Summit is open to all professional visitors who are interested in higher education and international education.

How can participate in the summit?

You can register as

  1. Virtual exhibitor
  2. Online visitor
  3. In-person visitor in Istanbul

If I am participating online, how do I login to the virtual event platform?

The virtual event platform link is It will become active on March 2, 2022.

Eurie Summit vouchers will be sent 10 days before the event to our participants who have completed the registration process. You can login to the system with the information contained in the incoming voucher.

🡺 Access the online virtual summit web page.

🡺 Click on the “entrance” section that appears on the screen.

🡺 Sign in at the summit registration desk.

  • Enter the email address that you used while registering.
  • Enter your event activation code sent on your Voucher.
  • Confirm the user agreement
  • Press the enter button

** Your user password is your event activation code on the Voucher. It is placed on a large blue band for better visibility.

** Each registration is for one person. Only one person may login with the login information that is sent to you.

Is there a time limit to be logged in?

There is no time limit for you to log in to the virtual summit. You can login to the summit whenever you want between March 2-4, 2022. We would like to remind you that the entire conference program is GMT +3. Although our virtual exhibition hall is open 24 hours a day, you may not be able to establish a live communication at any time due to the time differences between countries. In such a case, you can leave a message to the stand personnel from the messaging section inside the stand.

Is the EURIE mobile app free? How can I download it?

EURIE mobile app is free for all our participants. You can download our application by following the instructions on the vouchers that will be sent to you before the event.

Can I get support on the issues I need help with?

You can get help from our personnel at our info desk in the Eurie main lobby area between 09:00 – 19:00 (GMT +3) every day during the summit.

How can I get the details of the virtual conference program?

You can access the entire virtual conference program on the EURIE website or from the program button in the virtual event platform. In addition, the sessions being broadcast live will be included in the schedules posted on the hall doors session takes place in.

We would like to remind you that the times posted on the virtual conference program are GMT +3.

What is the language of the sessions, will there be translation?

The main language of the sessions is English. In the Opening Ceremony, if some sessions are in Turkish, the English listening option will be activated. In such a case, you can continue watching the broadcast from the voice of the translator by pressing the simultaneous button that appears at the bottom of the screen.

Can I ask questions during the online panel sessions?

During active live sessions, you can ask a question to the presenter from the ask question panel. We would like to remind you that the questions will be answered under the direction and initiative of the moderator.

Is there live voting in the sessions?

All sessions are controlled by the moderator and the presenters. The moderator or the speaker may want to include a live vote/ audience poll in the session. In case of live voting, you can present your active contribution by answering the question from the keypad section that appears on your screen. We would like to remind you that voting results can be shared at the initiative of the moderator or speaker.

How can I visit Exhibitors/ the virtual stands?

  • Enter the exhibition hall in the main lobby.
  • Click on the stand image you want to contact.
  • At any stand; You can watch the corporate video, access contact details from the company card, review corporate brochures and service content.
  • If there is no active authorized person in the stand at that moment, you can select the relevant person from the “Contact Us” button and send your message to their email to schedule meetings.
  • If you see the text “live Interview” in the stand, you can communicate with that person live by video chat by clicking here.

How can I answer surveys?

By clicking the survey button in our main lobby area, you can offer your feedback about the summit.

How do I activate the App?

  • Click the Android or iOS link in the voucher that will be sent to you.
  • Install the “Holacon” app to your mobile device.
  • Click on Create account
  • Enter your information and create your password
  • Select Eurie from the event field on the next screen
  • and activate it by entering the “Event Activation Code” sent to you on the voucher

** Your event activation code is the number highlighted in a big blue band in the voucher.

What’s in the app?

You can reach the following sections about the summit via the EURIE App.

  • Your registration and virtual summit login information (voucher and activation code)
  • Conference program
  • Speakers
  • Participants
  • Sponsors
  • Stands
  • Social network

What can I do on the EURIE app?

Follow the speaker

You can select the speakers you want to follow from the list and scan them from the search section. You can send a message to the speakers you’ve marked and followed.Get in touch with other participants

You can contact other participants of the summit from the “Attendees” section of the EURIE App. You can find a participant by entering a name in the search section, by filtering or by looking for them on the list. You can review their profile and send a direct message to set an appointment.

*The names you see in the list are attendees who downloaded the app. If you can’t find the name you are looking for, they may not have downloaded the app.

Where will conference activities take place in Istanbul?

Conference activities will be hosted by local University Partners of EURIE 2022. You can see the Istanbul conference program on the EURIE website. Host campuses will provide shuttle transfer to and from the official conference hotel (Ramada Hotel and Suites Istanbul-ATAKOY). If you stay at a different hotel of your own choosing, you will arrange your own transfers to host campuses.

How can I reserve my hotel?

You can make your hotel reservation at the Conference Hotel on the EURIE website through the official travel agent of EURIE Boyut Group.

Will in-person visitors also have access to the virtual event platform?

Yes, you can access the virtual event platform during the event. Also for 1 month after the event, you can watch the online panels on-demand.